Welcome to my den!



About me:

My name´s Denise -  I´m from Austria and was born 1990.
I draw when I was in school and stopped because of many reasons - and I really regret it.

Last year I started again and noticed, that my skills aren´t as bad as I thought - though - I never was really good.

I stopped again, when my fingers begin to hurt after a short time drawing and the doctors told me I  got both sided Bouchard Arthrosis and Rhizarthrosis in my right hand-

So please excuse me, when my lines are "shaky" and not as straight as they should be or when I cant upload regularly - I´ll try my best - cause I don´t wanna give up drawing (>*-*)>

So far so good - if you wanna know something about me, please let me know.

Oh and also an important thing:
You are very welcome to give some "life" to my linearts, just notice me about it and dont forget to credit me, if you make it public.